Favorite Travel Accessory: Fridge-To-Go Portable Cooler


Packs a good lunch Once I stopped nursing, it became harder to go anywhere for extended periods of time because I was anal about giving Karam fresh food from home, until I discovered the Fridge-To-Go portable cooler. As it keeps food cool for upto 8 hours, it’s particularly useful in warm climates and seasons. All you have to do is put the ice pack in the freezer overnight and you are good to go.

It comes in three sixes and a range of colors. I spent AUD20 on the medium sized one and can comfortably pack in a milk bottle, a meal box and a piece of fruit. The ice pack thaws out quickly and doesn’t leak so it can be packed into a suitcase easily at the beginning and end of a trip.
Medium Fridge-to-Go coolerCompact and lightweight!