Cool Travel Gifts for 2016


If you’ve got January birthdays in the family, or are just looking to get in on some post Xmas sales, check out some of these cool gift ideas for loved ones!

Bluetooth Camera

Bluetooth cameras are typically used for security but traveling parents will be thrilled to find that they double up as an excellent baby monitor. Take it along on a trip to make your apartment safe or to enjoy a glass of wine in a different room from your baby without having to check on them too often!

A Tablet

While a smartphone is a little more portable, one of those small 7-inch or 8-inch slates with Gorilla Glass protection for times when one of the kids accidentally drop the tablet (hey, it happens!) is a great idea to keep them occupied.

Whilst on long-haul journeys they may not always have access to Wi-Fi (more flights like JetBlue are getting Wi-Fi, but the free or budget version is too slow to do much online beside check your email and Facebook stream), a tablet is still excellent for catching up on some reading, playing some games, and doing some homework. With the kids fully occupied, the parents can actually read a book of their own and get their sanity back.

Foldaway Travel Crib

For people with babies, a foldaway travel cot is an excellent idea. There are different models to suit different ages. Choose a travel cot that’s easy to assemble, packs down nicely and is not too heavy. Sometimes one will come with a mattress, but it is not always very thick. Make sure it is stable when set up as you don’t want a problem with a collapsing travel cot gifted to a friend or family member.



Is your BFF’s travel suitcase looking a bit worse for wear? Could she do with an upgrade? Well have no fear because Global Luggage can cater to all your needs with a range of portable luggage to suit all tastes.


So many options! Get buying!