Berlin, Germany :

Berlin, Germany – The Ultimate Guide with Kids

There is much to do in Berlin for kids. Check out our guide below to discover them all.

Getting into Berlin:

berlin with kids Berlin has two main airports: Tegel International Airport (TXL) for major international carriers (such as Lufthansa, Delta, etc.) and Schönefeld (SXF) for low-cost carriers like RyanAir and GermanWings). There are several flights between Berlin and other cities in the EU. Lufthansa flies from major cities around the world to Munich and Frankfurt with connecting flights to Berlin almost hourly. You can fly direct to Berlin from a few cities internationally as well. You can also access Berlin by bus, train (overnight trains from several European cities like Paris, Zurich and Amsterdam), and by car.

Getting Around Berlin with Kids:

If you want to take public transportation, then I would suggest to travel with a friend or partner. You will definitely need a helping hand if traveling with a stroller or if the elevators are broken. Note that the foot traffic never stops and can be overwhelming. Buses are packed if visiting a tourist place so you need to get on quickly to get a space in one of the predesignated spots for strollers. Alternatively, the city is really easy to travel with a baby carrier.

If you are interested in a rental, remember to ensure that it's a small car as streets are narrow and parking spots are small. Use a rental only when needed as parking gets expensive. Call ahead if taking a taxi, as they will send out a family taxi with car seats for the little ones.

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Berlin for Kids - Fun Activities:

The Berlin Zoo is a must especially during holidays. We went during the Easter holiday which means lots of additional activities for kids. The park provides strollers or little wagons for you in case you did not bring one. To make this visit easier, remember to by tickets online. The lines are super long especially on holiday breaks.

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Another great place to visit is the Tiergarten. Great place to let the kids run around. Most parks are surrounded by cafes or shops that are kid friendly. Most have a play area for kids to socialize. Some restaurants like Villa Kreuzberg have separate floors for parents/children. The kids are allowed to run around and have special play rooms with toys. Beware: there is no supervision in these rooms so not recommended for kids under the age of 4.

For older children Legoland in Postdamer Platz is great. There is an indoor theme park for the little ones, in addition to lots of eateries and of course the movie theaters at the Sony Center. It's a great place but very expensive!

Dining and Shopping with Kids in Berlin:

Local foods are Quark auf lauf, noodle auf lauf, fish sticks, meatballs, mash potatoes and the usual fare macaroni, chicken tenders, fruit, pudding, so chances are you will find something your kid will eat.

In terms of restaurants, Villa Kreuzberg is great for kids. The second floor with its playroom is dedicated to the little ones. This allows the parents to mingle while the kids entertain themselves.

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Kaefer's Restaurant has great views and is perfect for a couple enjoying a night out. You can also have a breathtaking view eating at the Fernsehturm located in Alexanderplatz Berlin. Great food in both places and will cater to any diet constraints.

I can say that most malls are child friendly except for Friedrich Strasse / Lafayette. Eateries here do not have high chairs and don't cater to children. It is a mall for adults only. Like a fine dining night out, this mall requires a baby sitter.

KaDeWe is great for the entire family with a combination of high fashion and being child friendly. Note that the foot traffic is high, so use a baby carrier which will make the elevator rides easy since they are packed.

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For shopping, check out the wooden toys at small shops. My personal favorite is Juno toy store on Bergmannstrasse, Berlin. A traditional toy store (no electronics) for all ages to enjoy.

General Tips on Berlin for Kids:

If you have a small child (under 2) you'll be happy to know that local brands of diapers and wipes are very eco-friendly. My favorite brand of baby food is HIPP. Most grocery stores will carry these and any other baby supplies you need.

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Most Germans speak English so don't be shy. You have to be a little bit bold to get around in Germany. This is a cultural nuance: Germans do not help out even if they see you struggling as a parent. They expect you to know the law of the land. Whether it be at the grocery store or at the U Bahn. Be assertive and don't take things personally. My recommendation would be to observe how things are done in any situation. Germans have processes for everything, like a well oiled machine. At the grocery store, look at the way people go through the check out. You have to bring your own bags or pick up plastic bags for an extra fee prior to reaching the register. It'll help you fit in and mitigate some of the concerns you may be feeling about not knowing how things are done.

German to English Translations of Important Words:

Doctor: Artz

Emergency: Notfall

Taxi: Taxi

Bathroom: Toilette