St. Anton, Austria: The Ultimate Guide with Kids

Getting to St. Anton:

One of the things that makes St. Anton one of the top Austrian ski resorts is the ease of access. The closest airport is Innsbruck but you can also fly into Salzburg, Vienna, Munich or Zurich. St. Anton is also easily accessible by train and by car, although from the latter, you must check driving conditions if you are planning to drive yourself. It’s advisable to take a shuttle bus from the airports or hire a private taxi if you are not comfortable driving in winter conditions. Read more information on getting to St. Anton here.

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Getting Around St. Anton:

St. Anton is a small village and very walkable if you are strolling around. Getting from one gondola terminal to the other is a 15 minute walk, but if you find it too cumbersome with the kids and ski gear, you can always hop into one of the free buses going around. Taxis are also readily available and equipped to carry your skis as well.

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Skiing in St. Anton with Kids:

Skiing is the name of the game in St. Anton, one of the best Austrian ski resorts. There are two main gondola terminals: Gampen, closer to the center of the village and Nasserein. The kids’ ski areas and beginner slopes are right around the  base of the terminals, although there are some easy blues on the top of the Gampen gondola as well. (You just may have to take the gondola all the way down again).

If your kids are beginners, I highly recommend putting them in ski school. Skischule Arlberg is the most popular one, and churns out little skiers like an assembly line in the busy season. Kids 2.5 years and above can be signed up, and they go up to the teens and even include snowboarding lessons. Skischule has a little creche too and offers lunch so mum and dad can get some real time off to hit the slopes. The teachers are great and the little ones get started on a slate of fun activities and before you know it, they are zipping down the slopes. Here’s a useful guide on  the best helmets for kids. 

Things to note: When you book, make sure to ask where you children are to report: Nasserein or Gampen.

There are other ski schools as well, offering private and group classes for adults and children.

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Renting skis:

Unless you have your own set, you will need to rent skis in St. Anton. There are several stores which will rent and store your skis (ask your hotel if they offer storage facilities). Intersport offered free ski rentals for kids so that’s where we went. If you plan to ski more than once a year it’s probably best to buy goggles, gloves, helmets, and rent the skis and the boots once you get there. The little ones won’t use poles for a while.

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Where to Eat in St. Anton with Kids:

1. Bar Anton: Just by the Gampen gandola is Bar Anton, part of the Hotel Anton is Bar Anton. The bar and dining room are separate, joined by a terrace and a cute little overhead play area that is a new addition, I hear. Kids can access the play area through a trap door which is a little tricky for young ones (I recommend supervision) but once they are in, you can watch them as the whole enclosure is made of glass. While you are at it, as Magnus to make you a mojito (Allegedly the best in town).

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2. Hazienda: Hazienda at the M3 Hotel is probably one of the best meals I have had in my life, combined with great service, and an upscale environment without attitude. The kids devoured the freshly baked bread and pasta off the kids’ menu while I replenished with the Thai Argentinian tenderloin tips. Highly recommended!

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3. Vinzenz: Another one on the high-end side, Vinzenz provides Austrian fine dining in an warm and friendly way. The restaurant is situated in the trendy boutique Mooser Hotel and a taxi will go into a car elevator to bring you to the garage. That itself made the whole thing for my kids. Enjoy the schnitzel or sausages, and of course, the beautiful views of the mountain.

4. Mooserwirt: Heralded as the hottest apres-ski spot in the Alps, Mosserwirt may not be the obvious choice for a snack with the kids, but it is quite fun actually! Situated in the mountains, as many of the cool bars are, Mosserwirt’s open-air deck kicks off at about 3pm as skiers zoom in from various parts of the slopes and gets into full-swing at about 5pm. That’s when you leave. Mooserwirt can be accessed by taxi and serves hot chocolate, burgers, and fries so you can dance while the kids chow down.

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Where to Stay in St. Anton with Kids:

There are several chalets and hotels in St. Anton and the earlier you book, the better to get the best deals on the hotels you want. For peak travel season, people are known to book a year in advance.

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