Meet the Mombassador: Angela Tiffin, New York, USA


Our New York Mombassador is the founder of Traveling Karma, where she writes about street art, history and traveling with her daughter. A Brooklyn resident, Angela knows all the secret places in New York that the guide books don’t tell you!


Let Angela plan your trip to NY

1. Tell us about life in NY
New York is one of those places that can be overwhelming with the noise, crowds, lights and traffic but it also has a lot of secret and not-so-secret places be peaceful and rejuvenate.


2. Why is traveling important for a family?
Traveling is important for a family because we all need to learn about how other people live and think.  It is the only way to be truly openminded.


3. What’s the hardest thing about traveling with kids? 
For our family, we only have one child so it can be a challenge keeping her interested because she doesn’t have an automatic playmate.  That means we have to break from the activities we want to do to take her to a playground, and swing and climb with her.  That can also be a good thing for grown-ups.


4. What’s your favorite family travel destination in the world?
Going somewhere we’ve never been before, whether a tropical or cultural destination.  Lately, we are getting into more physically challenging vacations–hiking and cycling.


5. What’s on your travel wish list? 


6. What’s one thing you do on every trip that makes traveling with kids easier?
We try to keep our schedule the same when it comes to bedtime and meals.  If you are in a foreign country and things feel weird for them, there is always that 9pm bedtime to bring them back to a feeling of home.


7. What do you love most about living in NY?
I love the arts.  New York has some of the most talented people in the world and you should come see them.   You can find art everywhere.  Although, it can be very expensive to see a Broadway show or visit all the museums, if you are in the know there are many venues with family friendly performances and art that are easier on the wallet.


8. Why should people visit NY with kids? 
NYC has a growing number of new outdoor spaces that are beautiful and perfect for seeing the City while also giving kids a chance to play and express some pent up energy.


9. What’s one NY-ism/Cultural quirk? 
At least three cars will always go through a changing red light–so don’t cross the street until the way is clear.


10. Give us one song from your road trip playlist!
No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn – Beastie Boys


Let Angela plan your trip to NY