Meet the Mombassador: Lucie Murray, Los Angeles, USA

2015-08-09 09.59.05Our LA Mombassador, Lucie Murray, is a fitness trainer and the founder of Run Kids Run and the LA chapter of Moms in Motion, an organization that inspires women to connect and get fit! Lucie tells us why she loves living in LA and how to get around its notorious traffic!


Let Lucie plan your trip to LA


1. Tell us about life in LA.
Los Angeles has almost perfect weather year round (though we are all prepping for a big El Nino storm this year) so it’s easy to be outside and keep the family active. The price we pay of course, is our world famous traffic but if you can work around rush hour and strategically plan travel, it works out just fine. Los Angeles is a pretty “healthy” environment with lots of great restaurants and ways to be active, plus we have a wide variety of events geared to all populations.

2. Why is traveling important for a family? 
It takes us out of the daily grind and routine and gives us an opportunity to spend time together without worrying about homework, tidying up rooms, or schedules. It’s a great way to all be “newcomers” to some place and experience it together.

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3. What’s the hardest thing about traveling with kids?
Managing expectations of money spent on souvenirs and activities. I have started giving my daughter a travel “allowance” at the beginning of the trip and she can spend it on what she wants but can’t ask me for any extras. It helps her with budgeting too.

4. What’s your favorite family travel destination in the world?
I can’t nail down one place. We like to constantly change it up. Though I have to say that Southern California is amazing!

5. What’s on your travel wish list?
I want to see more of the US. I’ve traveled throughout Europe and Asia but haven’t really seen what THIS country has to offer. I’m excited to see the national parks with my husband and daughter.

6. What’s one thing you do on every trip that makes traveling with kids easier?
Stop often! I can’t sit still for too long, especially on car trips, and neither can my daughter. So we plan travel so that we can move around and see sites along the way. I love goofy roadside attractions and will happily make a detour to see something fun!

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7. What do you love most about living in LA/OC?
The wide range of things to do. If you know where to look, you can find so many off the wall activities (some for free) in amazing settings. Some of my favorite places in LA are the “old school” places like Griffith Park, Hollywood Bowl, and the hiking trails where time stands still.

8. Why should people visit LA/OC with kids? 
LA is a collection of smaller communities, each with it’s own flavor, culture, and highlights. Whether you go to Santa Monica for the Pier and beach or Pasadena for the museums and Rose Bowl, your family will be overwhelmed by the range of things to do.

9. What’s one LA-ism/Cultural quirk?
Like the song says “Nobody Walks in LA” so make sure to have access to a car or Uber.

10. Give us one song from your road trip playlist!
Katie Perry – Firework!


Watch Lucie’s video:

Let Lucie plan your trip to LA