MomAboard’s Top Family Trip Memories of 2015

It’s easy as parents to get caught up in the chaos of family trips: struggling with airline fees, budget calculators and the general perils of traveling with kids. Sometimes it’s important to stop and remember what we do it all for. Here are some of my best memories of 2015, all involving family trips. I am so proud that our trip planning service is going to make it so much easier for parents to travel the world with their children.

So without further ado, here are MomAboard’s top family trip memories of 2015:

Punting in Cambridge, UK, January 2015:

punting, family trip, cambridge, uk

Apres-Ski in St. Anton, Austria, February 2015:

Free babysitting in London, UK, March 2015:

family trip, london, uk

Getting inked (with henna) in Goa, India, April 2015:

family trip, goa, india

Getting pumped in Lisbon, Portugal, May, 2015:

family trip, lisbon, portugal

Exploring Greek ruins in Sicily, Italy, July 2015:

family trip, italy, syracuse, sicily

Midnight swimming in Bali, Indonesia, August 2015:

family trip, bali, indonesia, villa lulito

Getting a foot massage before a long flight at Changi Airport, Singapore, August 2015:

Learning to tell the truth in Rome, Italy, September 2016:


Getting groomed in New Delhi, India, October 2015:

Houseboating in the backwaters of Kerala, India, December 2015:

family trip, kerala, backwaters

Parasailing in the Maldives, December, 2015:


Here’s to an adventure-filled 2016!