Atlanta USA


Andrea Botham

Mom of 2

Age : 8 year old boy and 5 year old girl

Resident for : 7 years

Profession: Stay-at-home mom

#1 Travel Tip: Atlanta has world renowned attractions, from the Georgia Aquarium to the World of Coke, but some of our lesser known attractions are the ones to visit, so don't discount anything you may not be familiar with!

About Atlanta :

Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia, is considered a ‘world city’. It is situated among the foothills of the Appalachian Mountian and marked by hills and dense tree coverage; hence it’s nickname: ‘The City in a Forest’. Visitors to Atlanta have a variety of activities to choose from, from modern attractions, historical museums, to events with a more southern touch. It is also home to the world’s largest indoor aquarium, which is great for a family day out. Needless to say, this cosmopolitan city has a lot to offer to whoever visits.


Tell us about living in your region:

Atlanta has so many great things for families, from festivals all year to amazing museums to fabulous parks. Kids are welcomed throughout the city, and are never bored!

What’s one cultural quirk?

All our tea is cold and sweet and all soda is Coca-Cola and no one who is actually from here calls it “Hot-lanta”, so please don’t!

Why is traveling important for a family?

There is no better way to teach your kids about different cultures and to expose them to diversity than to show them the world! There is no greater gift that you can give your children than the gift of travel.

What’s the hardest thing about traveling with kids?

Jet-lag and learning to let go of the little things! We never take personally anything we say or do in the first day or two of jet-lag.

What’s your favorite family travel destination?

Ireland, it is so family friendly, so beautiful, and the whole country is like a big park!

What’s on your travel wish list?

Petra, to see the Northern Lights; and to return (but with my kids) to New Zealand and Iceland.

What’s the one thing you do that makes traveling with kids easier?

We take time out of every day to do something the kids like to do, so they don’t get bored. We give and then they give! Ice cream also makes ALL trips better!

Give us a song from your road trip playlist:

Timber by Pit Bull.