Athens Greece


Despina Panagopoulou

Mom of 2

Age : 2.5 year old girl and 6 week old boy!

Resident for : 39

Profession: Psychologist

#1 Travel Tip: Expect the unexpected in Athens! Be prepared for last minute strikes that might interfere with possible plans and always have a back-up plan.

About Athens, Greece :

The capital of modern Greece and the center of the ancient Greek civilization for over 4000 years, Athens still contains many remnants of its glorious past. Athens is home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Acropolis and the Daphni Monastery. And when you’re done sightseeing, there are lovely streets and neighborhoods in which you can relax!


Tell us about your life growing up in Athens

Growing up in the city in the ‘80s was much different from nowadays. More open areas to play at – even on the streets (fewer cars). Wandering around Athens was one of the best things to do with my brothers and parents. Visiting the sites and the museums and being able to do so over and over again. Also figuring out the next best spot to enjoy the view of the city and being able to share that with friends visiting from abroad!

What do you love most about living in Athens?

Its history, the people and modern Athens and the variety of things to do that it provides!

What’s one Athens cultural quirk?

Do not take a flower (usually gardenias) from a Roma girl to be found in areas with restaurants/bars/ etc. You will have to give a minimum of 5€ for the flower.

Why is traveling important for a family?

It brings its members closer together and also broadens their horizons. The best way to fight biases about people, places, religion etc.

What’s the hardest thing about traveling with kids?

Combining interests among generations and adjusting the schedule to everyone’s pace.

What’s your favorite family travel destination in the world?

The beach

What’s on your travel wish list?

A family road-trip in the US – show them some of the places I have lived in!

What’s one thing you do on every trip that makes traveling with kids easier?

Prepare ahead of time and have back-up options.

Give us one song from your road trip playlist!

Oh dear . . . so many Greek children’s songs but also “the itsy-bitsy spider.” I have a feeling the songs will change as the children will grow older (I hope!).