Valsha Ramdenee

Mom of 1

Age : 10 year old girl and 9 year old boy

Resident for : 12 years

Profession: Teacher

#1 Travel Tip: Always have four important things: a hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and water- even in Winter Mauritius in hot!

About Mauritius :

If you are planning a trip to Mauritius, first, congratulations, you know it exists!! Tiny island in the Indian ocean, east of Madagascar, and southeast of the Seychelles, Mauritius is known for its beautiful white sands and warm, friendly people. A former French and British colony, as a result the main languages spoken are Mauritian Creole, French and English.
Mauritius is a melting pot of cultures, an ode to nature, and home to some of the most hospitable people in the world. What’s not to love?


Tell us about your life growing up in your city.

I have grown up in the beautiful town of Quatre- Bornes, also known as the ‘Ville des fleur’- the town of beautiful flowers. It is a safe place where the neighbours are more like relatives and close friends than strangers. I have so many memories of my childhood: the different festivals that we used to celebrate with our neighbours, the walk to school with my friends plucking wild berries on the way there or the walk to the nature park which is on a beautiful hill side.

What do you love most about living in your city?

Vacoas is a very peaceful town where everyone is very friendly and very welcoming. Also it is one of the largest residential communities. So the neighbourhood is pleasant and safe, which is of paramount importance when you have a young family. The school is also walking distance from my home. The climate is always pleasant, that is not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter.

Why is traveling important for a family?

One of the most important activities for a family is to travel together as, very often, it’s the only time that people get to spend quality time with members of their family. It is usually a pleasant time where everyone is happy to go abroad and start their journey of discovery. This discovery is especially important for young children as it enables them to develop into awesome human beings.

What’s the hardest thing about traveling with kids?

One of the hardest things with children is to keep them busy and interested. And finding the right activities for them, the ones described on websites are usually very different from how they are in reality.

What’s your favorite family travel destination in the world?


What’s on your travel wish list?

The United States.

What’s one thing you do on every trip that makes traveling with kids easier?

Show them the place to visit and tell them more about the fun and things that they would discover. This makes them very excited and happy. Happy children is easier to manage.

Give us one song from your road trip playlist!

Adventure of a lifetime- Coldplay.