Melbourne Australia


Heidi Critchell

Mom of 2

Age : 5 year old girl and 2 year old boy

Resident for : 40 years except for a few years in London

Profession: Teacher

#1 Travel Tip: Make sure you buy a MYKI card which can be topped up for use on all public transport in Melbourne. You will need this as you can't pay for individual trips.

About Melbourne, Australia :

Melbourne, Sydney’s rival city, is known as its more “European counterpart”. And European it is, in its vistas, its outdoor dining, and in its couture. Melbourne is also known for its gastronomical delights. Families will enjoy sitting by the water in Melbourne, shopping at all the boutiques (not just Chapel Street), and dining at St. Kilda.


Tell us about your life growing up in your city.

Growing up in the outer suburbs of Melbourne was about friends and family. After school we were on our bikes and off to find our neighbourhood friends. Barbeques on weekends with swimming pools full of kids. Camping trips in the summer and days spent playing on the beach and in the surf.

What do you love most about living in your city?

What I love most about Melbourne is its proximity to beautiful beaches, the stunning Dandenong Ranges and the Yarra Valley one of Australia’s top wine regions. You don’t need to travel far to get out into nature.

What’s one Melbourne cultural quirk? 

Melbournians are obsessed with coffee. There is a cafe on every corner. For this reason you almost never get a bad coffee in Melbourne, it is not tolerated.

Why is traveling important for a family?

Travelling for a family is important for many reasons. Time spent together without the everyday stresses of home is invaluable. Shared experiences bring you closer together. It’s always holidays which provide you with the best memories. There is no better learning experience for children than taking them to different places and immersing them into another culture. Most importantly it teaches children tolerance and gives them an appreciation of what they have.

What’s the hardest thing about traveling with kids?

Not always being able to do what you want but having to plan your itinerary around the children’s needs.

What’s your favorite family travel destination in the world?

Thailand. The people are friendly, the scenery is stunning, we love diving and snorkelling, getting around and organising activities is made simple and most of all we love the food.

What’s on your travel wish list?


What’s one thing you do on every trip that makes traveling with kids easier?

Research the trip to ensure that the kids will have a great time and will be safe.

Give us one song from your road trip playlist!

I haven’t got one song but a friend and I bought a campervan and travelled up the east coast of Australia many years ago and the trip wouldn’t have been the same without Fleetwood Mac.