Santorini Greece


Olga Kosmidou

Mom of 1

Age : 3 year old girl

Resident for : 10 years

Profession: Former Hotel and Hotel Sales Manager, current founder and owner of Santorini Travel Tots, a baby gear rental agency.

#1 Travel Tip: Rent a car to better visit the island. Taxis are expensive and difficult to find, also avoid local busses, especially during high season as they get extremely packed.

About Santorini :

Santorini is one of the most famous of the Greek islands, known classically as Thera. Santorini is known for its volcanic caldera, which offers some of the most spectacular views in the world. Known as a honeymooner’s paradise, Santorini does offer much for children and families if you know where to look. Let our Mombassador plan your trip.


Tell us about living in Santorini:

It is not the best place to live if you hate bureaucracy and if you want things done within a specific timeframe…BUT…you forget all this when you realize that the place you live in is a ‘must see before you die’ destination!

What’s one cultural quirk?

Why so many churches? According to tradition, every family must have one church that is named after the Saint who protects the family. On the name day of the Saint the family organizes a liturgy with the local priest where everybody is invited to assist. After the liturgy the family gives a special reception with free food and most of the time there is music and dance that is called “panigiris”.

Why is traveling important for a family?

Traveling is a school classroom without walls! Kids learn how other cultures live, they gain courage and self-esteem, and they become more open minded. It is also important to create unique family memories and bonding.

What’s the hardest thing about traveling with kids?

Keeping them busy and entertained, even when they are too tired.

What’s your favorite family travel destination?

Riviera Maya Mexico.

What’s on your travel wish list?

Madagascar, Maldives, Costa Rica.

What’s the one thing you do that makes traveling with kids easier?

I fill my daughter’s backpack with new little toys, activity books and snacks. We invent games and stories with whatever new we see.

Give us a song from your road trip playlist:

It is a Greek song that I love and I sing every single time I am on an airplane since I was a little girl. The title is ‘’Ap to aeroplano’’ (From the Airplane).