São Paulo Brazil


Adriana Koenigsfeld

Mom of 2

Age : 4 year old boy and 4 year old boy

Resident for : 9 years

Profession: Market Research Profession

#1 Travel Tip: The weather in São Paulo is very unpredictable: you can have all the seasons in one single day, so, be prepared for that!

About São Paulo, Brazil :

São Paulo is the 9th most populous city in the world but it is also filled with lush parks and open spaces. People visit São Paulo as a business center but stay for the warmth of the local people and the amazing pizzas!


What do you love most about living in São Paulo?

It’s a cosmopolitan city – whatever you need/ want you’ll find here in São Paulo. People are very polite and professional.

What’s important cultural facet?

Family is very important for Brazilians

Why is traveling important for a family?

To get knowledge and to learn about a new culture. Trips also help family bonding!

What’s the hardest thing about traveling with kids?

I have four year old twin boys! They get bored easily, and tired pretty quickly too. We have to manage our pace perfectly!

What’s your favorite family travel destination in the world?

US – anywhere there, but specially Florida

What’s on your travel wish list?

Hawaii, Colorado, Germany, Australia, New Zeland, Italy

What’s one thing you do on every trip that makes traveling with kids easier?

Planning – checking what to do in advance and arranging whatever the destination requires makes it a lot easier(e.g. car rental, park tickets)!

Give us one song from your road trip playlist!

Happy – Pharrell Williams