Book Review – “Family on the Loose: The Art of Traveling with Kids”

Bill Richards and Ashley Steel’s

“Family on the Loose: The Art of Traveling with Kids” is a compendium of tips, advice and ideas for how to make trips engaging and rewarding for the whole family. My first impression of the book was that it was extremely comprehensive, with information on everything from how to pick a destination to how to budget for it, to how to create genuine interest and enthusiasm in your kids. As I delved deeper, there were two things that impressed me most:

1. The book offers practical checklists and spreadsheets to help with minute details of planning, but also assists in establishing the right mindset and philosophy for travel and exploration. As such, it covers every aspect of traveling.

2. The book encourages you to travel within your own limitations by being honest about your tolerance for unfamiliar cultures, food, and ambiguity in general. It doesn’t prescribe a list of countries that makes you well-traveled or a number of destinations you need to check off. It’s all relative, and based on who you are and what you want to achieve from your travels with your family.

All in all, a very well-written and inspiring book and a handy tool for any voyaging family, whether you are a novice or an expert. You can buy it in paperback or kindle format on Amazon.