Book Review: Yawning Yoga

As an avid yogi, I believe in the value of a few calming poses at any time. And as a parent, I think a night-time ritual helps set up for a good night’s sleep. This book does both.

Yawning Yoga: A Goodnight Book for a Good Night’s Sleep is a beautifully illustrated, yogic approach to bed time that will have your child going through a series of easy poses and breathing exercises so that they are at their relaxed best for the night.

I really like how every pose has a story linked to it like “reaching for the stars and bringing them to your heart” right down to the “Spaghetti Test” to make sure your limbs are all floppy and loose. But there is also an explanation so that the children understand why they are engaging in a particular movement.

How does this relate to travel? I think consistency is the one thing that’s at risk when you are on the go. This book is an easy way to bring along a familiar ritual at bedtime, no matter what time zone or location you are in. And as a yogi, I totally endorse the selection of poses.

Buy Yours Here for only $15.  A great price, I think.

Yawning Yoga