GoodieWords iPad App

Finally, a kid’s app worth paying $4.99 for. I received the promo code for this app a few weeks ago and boy, was I impressed!

The full GoodieWords is a 15-word bundle designed to help preschoolers expand their vocabularies and understand more complex words and concepts like “electricity” or “shadow”.

What I love about the app is that each exercise also helps with motor development, requiring the user to either shift the ipad side to side, or to press something on and off, or drag something else, so they can go through all 15 words over and over without getting bored. The illustrations are just detailed enough for this age group to be able to grasp all the various things going on but are not overwhelming. My toddler has been loving it since he started playing it.

Overall, a great combination of education and fun and an app that I would highly recommend. Start with the free version to test it out yourself.

You can download it here.

GoodieWords, ipad app

Full disclosure: I received this product to review from the company but my assessment is completely genuine and honest. I get no kickbacks from sales.