Paris, France


Leap & Hop Paris by Isabelle Demenge


I received this book for review this morning. Frankly I was already in love with the series after the author sent me the pdfs but the physical book is a real treat for so many reasons.

The book is packed with cool and random facts about Paris, with interesting and fun illustrations, and tons of activities that will actually help the kids look around and notice things around them. There are opportunities to draw, to collect, to colour, and even to quiz the grown-ups. I like that they intentionally skip the usual suspects (the Louvre, etc.) but bring out lesser known parts and aspects of the city and culture such as the structure of the buildings and food etiquette. The book also does a great job of helping kids see different things and relating them to themselves and their home countries (eg. season here versus the season at home). My absolute favorite part is the “Airport Shots” section where they get to glue or draw a picture of them on their departure and another one on their way home. I bet you’ll be able to see how much more enriched they are.



Because there is a fair bit of reading and writing, I wouldn’t recommend it for kids under 6 years of age. At $28, you may find it a bit steep but when you find your kids pouring over it, you won’t think twice about the money.

You can buy Leap & Hop Paris on Amazon: Leap & Hop Paris, Children Travel Book (Leap & Hop Series).

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