Noosa, Australia :

Noosa, Australia and the Hyatt Coolum

Getting to Noosa

The closest airport Maroochydore is best accessed domestically so for international travelers Brisbane is a good option to fly into. Naturally, Maroochydore is easily linked with Sydney and Melbourne so transfers in these cities are possible too. For more details on traveling to Noosa, click here.

The Hyatt, Coolum

On the recommendation of many of our Aussie friends, we decided to take the short flight to Noosa to spend the weekend. We ended up staying at the Hyatt Coolum which is a 30 minute drive from Noosa proper because of the golf course.

And for once, golf has led me to something good in my life! The room size was average and they provided a basic portacot, but the rest of the resort was magnificent! Open courtyards, multiple pools, clean, safe beach, evening activities like face-painting and music for older kids, I could go on and on.

They even have day care centers broken out by age group so kids get the right level of attention and activity, while mum can skive off to the spa for an hour or two (clearly a highlight!).

I am not one for family resorts, but there was nothing cheesy about this place. Just a very well thought-out place for the family to enjoy some quality time together. I plan on taking my nieces with me the next time and getting a villa (the ones in the 600s are quiet and beautiful and you will probably wake up staring at a kangaroo. Or vice versa).

Things to do in Noosa with Kids

Things to do in Noosa with Kids

Things to do in Noosa with Kids