Momaboard’s Best and Worst Airlines for Family Travel

The last few years have seen some pretty telling encounters between families and airlines and it appears that carriers do differ in their training and attitude towards children on board. Some airlines like Gulf Air go the extra mile to make families feel welcome, while others like Air China won’t carry something as basic as milk for their younger passengers.

Recently JetBlue kicked a family off its flight because a two-year old had a tantrum. Would you fly them? I wouldn’t – this is warning enough.

It’s time for us parents to share our experiences so that we can reward the airlines that know how to treat children and parents with our business, and boycott the rest. The market is efficient and our demand (or lack thereof) will call for a change.

There is no prize for participating. We are all winners if you do.

Click on the appropriate links below and share your story in the comments section. Be as specific as you can about what made the airline good/bad from a family perspective. Then distribute to as many parents as you can so that we can build a comprehensive list of airlines that we know will not make us and our families feel unwelcome on our next trip. And put our money where our friends are.

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Airline Hall of Fame (aka Best Airlines for Families)

Airline Hall of Shame (aka Worst Airlines for Families)