Nucleus Anywhere Intercom Device by MomAboard

nucleus reviewThe Nucleus is a family communication device that lets you connect with people, whether they are in the house or across the world. I bought a pair of the devices when we moved into a new house and I need to find my kids when they are in the family room. Since it was designed for kids and grandmas, it’s super easy to use with a press of a button. Almost too easy in fact, for the first couple of days my kids were calling me non-stop just to say hi. With a click of a button (and auto-answer which can be turned on and off), you are connected via audio or video.┬áIt is of course, internet dependent so it wouldn’t work as well in low-range areas, which is a con.

Since Nucleus has a companion app (available for the iphone 5 or Android 5 or later), you can get away with one device for grandma and have yours on the phone.

nucleus reviewAt $398 for a pair, it’s a good deal, and a good alternative to a number of more expensive communication options out there. Its ease of use is definitely what puts it ahead of its competitors, it does one thing and does it well. It’s an Amazon product so can also handle voice-activation through Alexa.

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