Product Review: Neso Tents

This product was reviewed and tested by Raina Jhaveri, through the Momaboard Reviewer Network. 
Excited by the prospect of a lightweight, stakeless, all-purpose shade structure, I took the Neso Tent out for a spin on a camping trip – only to discover that it’s best used at the beach, in low-wind conditions and without a baby in tow. Here’s the skinny:
Limited to beach use.
The Neso Tent is pretty much exclusively for beach use: because, en lieu of stakes, the tent is anchored down by sand, which you fill in fabric bags attached to each corner of the tent. The Neso website says that it can also be used for “your child’s sports activities, having a picnic, camping, relaxing out in your backyard, or any other outside activity you can think of”, but unless all these events happen to take place on the beach or near a sand pit – or you’re willing to leave your child/stuff and go forage for rocks – I don’t see how you’d anchor this sucker down.
Best for no-/low-wind conditions.
Despite what the manufacturers and some reviews say – the Neso does NOT hold up reliably even in moderately windy conditions. So not only are you limited to using it on the beach, but you also need to make sure it’s a beach with little to no wind. Otherwise be prepared to have the whole thing collapse on you in the middle of a nap. Good luck.
Check the website for complete set-up instructions.
Helpful set-up tips are tucked away on the Neso website’s FAQ section, but are missing from the instructions included with the product itself. Not ideal when you’re fiddling with the tent, a kid and all your other stuff, but perhaps not so much a concern once you’ve set it up a few times. Now I know why the poles kept collapsing on me and why the shade area was so tiny.
Doesn’t feel safe for use with babies.
The Neso’s light weight is outweighed by the fact that it doesn’t seem safe to use when taking baby to the beach. Falling poles + collapsing canopy + baby = disaster. It’s great that the shade canopy fabric is also UV-blocking, so perhaps it’s better used with slightly older kids to keep them safe from the sun.
Realistically fits 2 adults and a kid.
Neso’s makers claim that there’s “enough shade for 4-5 people”, but that’s if the people are OK with having most of their stuff sitting out under the hot sun.
Cool concept with limited use and a hefty price tag.
The Neso Tent is a stylish, minimalist shade canopy designed by a melanoma-survivor new dad to protect his family from the harsh rays of the sun. If you frequent a non-windy beach often enough, it might be worth the hefty ~$90 price tag, but if you’re looking for something more multi-purpose and sturdy, this probably isn’t it.


Full disclosure: Momaboard received this product for free in exchange for an honest and objective review.