Top Travel Accessories: Pipila Pacifier Sterilizer

The messiest part of travel for me, particularly if I am in a hotel, has been sterilization. Enter this little device that I could not have come across sooner. The Pipila Portable Pacifier Sterilizer uses UV rays to kill germs thereby disinfecting your pacifier with no mess or fuss. It also works on bottle teats. One of my favorite travel accessories without a doubt!

The Pipila sterilizer is easy to set-up and use. It is a nice light and portable size. I usually either use pacifier wipes when away from the house or throw the pacifiers in the sanitizer load in the dishwasher. I can now just wash the pacifier with soap and then put it in the Pipila and pop it into my babies mouth right before his nap or bedtime. It also doubles up as a toy!

At About $30 it may seem a bit pricey but for a quality product with revolutionary technology and a clean, compact style, I think it’s worth it. One of those travel accessories you don’t know how you lived without.
Highly recommended! Buy your Pipila Portable Pacifier Sterilizer.
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Pipila Pacifier Sterilizer


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