Top Travel Accessories: NewspaperDirect’s PressReader 3.1

I was given a complimentary trial of NewspaperDirect’s PressReader 3.1 and was blown away. I immediately thought of my father-in-law who lives in India but follows newspapers in the US, Europe and of course India from cover to cover no matter where he is in the world, and how I needed to get him a subscription. That’s why it’s one of Momaboard’s Top Travel Accessories.

I was very impressed with their publication offering: over 2000 digital replicas of newsletters from around the world, including the NY Times and the International Herald Tribune. And translation options.

The new PressReader is optimized for the retina display on new iPad screens which means that the text is super sharp and clear. Their SmartFlow technology enables you to easily view all the articles in a horizontal stream and to select and zoom in on the articles you want to read. It felt like a really clean and sophisticated reading experience.

And you can share, tweet, print or post an article to Evernote.

The app is free to download. The pricing options are USD 29.95/month for unlimited access or 0.99c per issue. Perhaps there is use for a hybrid option where you could subscribe to a particular publication or two.

As a frequent traveler, I think this is one of the best travel accessories. For parents that travel that need to be judicious about how much stuff they carry around, it’s probably even more imperative. Downloading a single issue from a country you are about to visit is also a cool way to do some research before you travel.

Check out for more information and download the app from iTunes here.