5 Smart Money Things Savvy Travelers Do Before Traveling

You have reserved a great hotel, booked your tickets, and planned everything else you will need for the trip. But, have you thought about the foreign exchange fees of your credit cards, how your bills at home will be paid, and what you will do in case of an emergency? You have to prepare for these things in advance. Here are five things you need to take care of before leaving for your trip.

Set up Automatic Bill Payments

Even when you are away, you will still be receiving bills back at home. Contact your bank and ask them if they provide automatic bill payment services, if they don’t look into other companies. Some companies even offer discounts and additional benefits if you opt for their services. Pay the bills that can’t be handled automatically before you leave, because if your bills are overdue the companies will fine you. Automatic bill payments will save you time even after you get back.

Get Budget-Friendly Cards

Banks usually charge higher foreign exchange rates. For that reason, you should consider getting a card from a third company. Compare the foreign exchange fees of different banks and credit card companies before you decide which cards to take abroad. Many credit card companies offer packages with very low, if any, exchange rates. Get your card before booking any hotels or tickets, because foreign exchange fees might apply to them as well if the companies are based in foreign countries. 

Tell Your Bank

Your account can be flagged for suspicious activity and if they are unable to contact you, they will block the account. You should tell your bank and credit card companies your itinerary; where you are going and how much you plan on spending before you leave. Setting up alerts for your credit and debit card activities can also be useful in case they are stolen. This way, the local authority won’t have much trouble tracking and finding your cards.

Prepare for Money Order

Even if you plan every minute detail, unexpected things can still sometimes happen. In case you are in sudden need of cash, contact your family or friends and ask them for a money order through Western Union. You can easily find their office or agent in almost every country. Money orders are rapid and convenient. All you have to do is find the location of an agent, show them your ID, and you will have your cash. 

Buy Insurance

Every traveler should consider getting travel insurance. If your trip needs to be cancelled at the last minute, your insurance will cover the non-refundable airline costs. Insurance will also cover any hospital bills, as well as any airlifts or ambulance fees if you need medical attention while traveling. If you lose any bags, and travel documents, the insurance company will help you 24/7.

Taking care of financials beforehand will make travelling stress-free. After all, you take time off work to enjoy with your dear friends and family, not to get involved in other tensions.

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