5 Tips for Celebrating a Loved One’s Birthday While on Vacation

Going on vacation, in order to celebrate the birthday of someone you love, is a fantastic way to create amazing memories that will last a lifetime. However, when your entire holiday is filled with fun, it can be difficult to make one specific day stand out. That is why you need to plan ahead. If you are determined to celebrate in style, you will need to read on. Below are five tips for celebrating a loved one’s birthday when you are away on vacation.

birthdayPlan a special activity

Make sure that you plan a special activity for the day of your loved one’s birthday. You could go scuba diving, bungee jumping, or sight-seeing. Whatever you decide, just remember to make it the highlight of your trip. It should also be an activity that appeals specifically to the interests of your loved one. For instance, if they are a keen golfer, but you are not so enthusiastic, why not make the effort to spend the day doing something that they enjoy?

Organize a celebratory meal

In the evening, you should organize a celebratory meal. Don’t forget to speak to the staff at your hotel or restaurant. Try to do this at the start of your visit, as this will give them plenty of time to arrange something special. Perhaps they could bake a cake and bring it over to your table. Alternatively, they could prepare a menu that includes all of your loved one’s favourite meals from the trip. This is a simple, yet effective, way to introduce a personal touch to the celebrations.

Pack a few small gifts

Don’t forget to give your loved one a few small gifts to open on their special day. Lookout for presents that are small enough to fit neatly into your luggage. They should also be items that are unlikely to break or crumple during the journey.

Create your own card

If you are unable to pack a lot of gifts, you can show you care by designing a beautiful card. This is a fantastic way to go above and beyond for your loved one. Why not make a card that ties the birthday celebration to your vacation? For instance, you could design a card that features images of your destination. You could even include a heartfelt message that lets your love one know how happy you are to join them on such a special trip.

Capture the moment

Whatever you do, don’t forget to take lots of amazing photos. This will allow your loved one to look back at their birthday for years to come. Try to practice your photography skills throughout your vacation, as this will ensure that you are ready to take the perfect shot when the time comes. When you get back from your holiday, you could frame the photo and present it to your loved one as a belated birthday gift. This will show that you have thought about their experience from start to finish.


Author bio: Delicia Warren is a freelance writer, passionate about the environment, organic farming and food production. An advocate for a holistic approach to the world’s problems, she has a particular interest in the small changes individuals can make to their lifestyle to minimize their environmental footprint.


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