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We know how hard it is to be a nursing mom and to find place to nurse/pump while traveling. We did some research to find nursing rooms or facilities for nursing moms around the busiest airports in the United States. Here’s what we found:


1. Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Atlanta is the world’s busiest airport and provides 4 Mamava breast-feeding pods. Airport nursing rooms in the form of family restrooms are also located across the airport. Additionally, nursing travelers can use the former British Airways lounge located on Concourse E near gate 26.

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Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport nursing rooms

2. Los Angeles International Airport

LAX tweeted to us rather apologetically that they currently had no facilities for nursing moms, but were looking to offer some in the future. We are going to hold you to that, LAX!

3. Chicago O’Hare International Airport

While O’Hare doesn’t yet have a designated Mother’s Room, the airport is happy to provide nursing mothers a comfortable, private space to breastfeed. Go to the Travelers Aid office in Terminal 2.

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airport nursing rooms, ohare

4. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

DFW offers a nursing room for moms near gate A18. Moms are asked to call 972-973-3112 for the access code. At least that’s something.

airport nursing rooms, DFW

5. John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK tweeted to us that we had to check with our airlines for facilities in any particular terminal. Not very helpful at all. Representatives from Delta and Lufthansa were not able to provide any information. Jetblue however was kind enough to let us know that in T5, not only are there single restrooms with lockable doors near the gate areas, but a newly installed purpose-built pod too. Ask for assistance in locating.

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jfk airport nursing rooms,

6. San Francisco International Airport

Thank you SFO, for providing nurseries in every terminal. Private nursery rooms need to be unlocked using the airport courtesy phone.

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Airport nursing rooms, SFO

 7. Denver International Airport:

Denver Airport tweeted to us that they had change tables in restrooms but not a  designated space for nursing moms. They suggest using the family restrooms which are more private and have outlets as well.

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airport nursing rooms, denver

8. Seattle Tacoma Airport:

The Mother’s Room at Seattle Tacoma Airport is located inside the kids’s play room, across from Seattle Tap Room between Central Terminal and A Gates. The room has rocking chairs, adjustable lighting, foot stools, electrical outlets and side tables.

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airport nursing rooms, seattle
Mothers’ Room

9. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP):

MSP has two lactation centers at Terminal 1-Lindbergh, one near Gate F2 and the other near Gate C13. They have a deep sink for cleaning equipment, electrical outlets, soft lighting, and comfortable seating. You need to gain access at the information center or call the manager on duty at +1 612-366-6069.

MSP also has a Family Center, located at Terminal 1-Lindbergh, near the entrance to Concourse E, offering a resting place for families, with a restroom, comfortable seating, rocking chair and crib. Finally, there is a children’s play area in each Terminal. Well done MSP!

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10. Houston International Airport (IAH):

IAH offers two nursing rooms, equipped with rocking chairs and cribs. The first is in Terminal A at the mezzanine level near gates 84-91 (use stair next to SueVenir), and the second in Terminal D near gates D7-8.

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11. Updated!!Las Vegas McCarran Airport:

We’ve just been informed that McCrran Airport has added 3 Mamava pods – one located on the skybridge connecting the C Concourse with the A and B gates; another placed near the children’s play area in the D Concourse; and a third in Terminal 3 near Gate E-9. The suites are accessible to all and can be locked from the inside via an indicator deadbolt. Bravo!

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12. Mineta San Jose International Airport:

Nursing rooms at San Jose International Airport are located at gates 17,21 , 26 and 26 and equipped with outlets.

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13. Dallas Lovefield Airport:

There is a nursing room next to Sky Canyon restaurant, a children’s restroom near gate 2, and family restrooms next to all regular bathrooms post-security.

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14. Indianapolis International Airport (IND):

There are two nursing rooms at IND airport. The pre-security one is located just past the American Airline ticket counters (room 10T.307A). Post-security the room is located near the International Arrivals area on Concourse A. Each room is unlocked, and equipped with a comfortable char, table and electrical outlets.

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15. Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport:

Milwaukee’s airport has installed three self-contained breastfeeding pods for nursing moms. Two are post-security and one before. They each have comfortable seating, a table and outlets. We hear from a reader that they’re beautiful!

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mamava, airport nursing rooms

16. Newark Liberty International Airport:

Well done to Newark Airport that installed 2 Mamava nursing suites in terminal B (B2 concourse near gates 50-57, B3 concourse near gates 60-68) in May 2015. As of June 2016 they have 5 installed throughout the airport.

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17. Burlington International Airport:

Burlington’s airport was the first of the three (with Milwaukee and Newark) to install pods for nursing moms.

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18. San Diego International Airport:

Opened in October 2015, three nursing rooms offer a sink, outlets, seating, a children’s seat and soft lighting. They are located ay Terminal 1West Rotunda, Terminal 1 East Rotunda, and Terminal 2 West near gates 34-35.

san diego airport nursing room

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19. LaGuardia International Airport:

The New York airport has 1 pod located on Concourse A in Terminal B, and features a table, bench and power supply for pumping.

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20. Jacksonville International Airport:

The Jacksonville airport has recently been provided with a pod, located past security between Concourses A and C.

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21. Boise International Airport:

The Boise airport in Indianapolis has one nursing room pod located near the family restroom after the security checkpoint.

22. Oakland International Airport:

Two nursing pods can be found in Oakland International after security on Terminal 1 and 2.

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23. Palm Beach International Airport:

Palm Beach airport also boasts two pods located in Concourse B, at gate B1 and Concourse C, at gate C1.

24. San Antonio International Airport:

San Antonio has two nursing room pods.

airport nursing rooms locator

25. Spokane International Airport:

Spokane houses two nursing pods.

26. Austin International Airport:

Austin Texas is home to a single Mamava pod, you can find it across from Gate 7, in the Barbara Jordan Terminal, in front of the Austin International Sister Cities Exhibit.

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27. Charlotte Douglas International Airport

The Mother’s room here has been recently opened and is located on the upper level of the Atrium across from the Chapel. It features two private stalls, with a rocking chair and power outlet. A second room is also planned.

Click here for more details on nursing rooms in Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

28. Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

Louis Armstrong has just opened three Mother’s Rooms, one on each concourse, past security. Each room is clearly marked as “Mother’s Room” and includes comfortable seating, an end table, a changing table, and appropriately placed electrical outlets.

nursing room, louis armstrong airport

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There’s a handy app that Mamava made to help people find breast-feeding friendly locations, with suggestions also driven by the community. You can find that here:


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