Airport Nursing Rooms Around the World

Breastfeeding mothers who travel, we feel your pain! We did a roundup of airport nursing rooms for the busiest airports in the world, and were heartened to find that many have dedicated rooms for breastfeeding and pumping mums. While we can’t guarantee loungers and classical music, most seem to have a chair, an outlet and access to hot and cold water. Baby steps, as it were!


1. Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Atlanta Airport is the busiest in the world and has not let us down, by providing airport nursing rooms in the form of family restrooms at multiple locations across the airport. Additionally, nursing travelers can use the former British Airways lounge located on Concourse E near gate 26.

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Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport nursing rooms


2. Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing Airport has dedicated nursing rooms for moms located in Terminal 1 and near most restrooms in Terminals 2 and 3. Nursing rooms are typically fitted with basins, changing tables, basins and seats.

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 airport nursing rooms


3. London Heathrow International Airport

There is a family lounge in Terminal 3 with a discreet area for nursing mothers.

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 airport nursing rooms


4. Tokyo Narita Airport

Narita makes us proud by providing nurseries for breastfeeding mothers equipped with cots, changing table and hot water facilities on every floor of both terminals of the airport.

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 Airport nursing rooms


5. Dubai International Airport

Although we couldn’t find anything on the website, we were told via Live Chat on the Dubai Airport that there are dedicated baby care rooms for moms to attend to their babies in private. Nursing moms were asked to consult the airport’s Information Zones, or just ask the May I Help You staff to find one closest to you.

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 Airport nursing rooms.

6. Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong airport is conveniently fitted with 31 nursing rooms equipped with changing and feeding facilities throughout the terminals. Bravo!

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7. Frankfurt Airport

We couldn’t find specific information about nursing rooms but we tweeted them to learn that all the large sanitary facilities include rooms in which moms can nurse in peace. They are equipped with a changing table, a seat and hot and cold water. Thanks for responding Frankfurt airport!

 airport nursing rooms

8. Singapore Changi Airport

There was never any doubt that the world’s  best airport would remember to take care of nursing moms. Find Baby Care rooms at multiple locations in all three terminals, all providing you with hot water dispenser and privacy.

 airport nursing rooms

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9. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

We’ve heard rave reviews about the nursing room here. In the Babycare Lounge parents can get place to nurse, bathe and change their babies in private. There are seven bed cabins for them to sleep in, which include comfortable seats for the parents. Kinda makes you want to fly through Amsterdam just to experience it! Well done, Schiphol!

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 airport nursing rooms

10.  Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai

Mumbai’s fancy new airport hopes to compete with the best in the world and boasts baby care facilities in both the domestic terminals and multiple in the new international T2. Promise to check them out on my next trip!

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 airport nursing rooms


11. Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport

Also a relatively new airport, Delhi’s airport offers special rooms for parents to attend to their children’s needs in private, which of course includes nursing.

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 airport nursing rooms

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