Best Free Apps for Travel: Pinterest and More

If you are a tech and travel fiend like me, there’s a lot to be excited about. Cool user-focused innovations are allowing voyagers to get the most of their journeys with improved searches,  better connectivity, and creative and useful information around things like best airline to travel and frequent flyer miles. Here are some of my favorite free websites and free mobile apps for travel:


1. Pinterest Place Boards:

Recently introduced, Pinterest Place Boards and Pins allow you to map all the fabulous locations you’ve so far only represented in pictures.  It was really cool to see all the cities we’ve been to on a map.

Whether it’s a city or a coffee or a local playground, you can view maps to correspond with images, an amazing tool for trip-planning. The part we are truly fawning over? View boards you love on the free mobile apps for a ready-to-go map!

free mobile apps for travel

Check out some of Momaboard’s Place Boards:

2. Kayak Explore:

Great for long-term or last minute planning, Kayak Explore lets  you look at the world in terms of air fares. Enter your location and time of year and you will see the most economical places to fly to. How amazing! You can also filter by budget, flight time, weather and stuff to do (beach, anyone?). Super fun to learn about airfare trends on the desktop or free mobile apps for travel, even if you are not ready to book.

free mobile apps for travel

3. Adioso – Fly to Your Friends:

Adioso is a travel app that lets you search for travel like you think about it, for example, “Travel to Asia in May for 10 days”.  My favorite part though is that you can sign in with Facebook, and choose friends you want to fly to. Adioso will show you fares to those places and will also email you when new fares come up. Great when considering a trip to grandma’s!

free mobile apps for travel

4. Gogobot Tribes:

Whatever your tastes or interests, you can find a group of like-minded people on Gogobot Tribes and read reviews and ask questions. Tribes cover everyone from Backpackers to Students to History Buffs.
free mobile apps for travel

5. SeatGuru – Flights with Comfort Recommendations:

This is the next level in travel geekery but can come in really handy when planning long-haul journeys with kids. You can search for flights and filter by “G-Factor”, SeatGuru’s own rating scale that tells you which flights have the best legroom, in-flight entertainment, and service, also available on the free mobile apps for travel. I also like the Comparison Charts that give you a quick overview of seat details like whether they have laptop power and if they recline.

free mobile apps for travel

Did you know? MomAboard offers a trip planning service connecting traveling parents with local moms so you can travel with confidence. Try it now.

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