The Essential Guide to Potty Training WhileTraveling

We just went through this and it is not easy. We are told that so much around successful potty training depends on predictability and routines, and traveling just throws it all out of whack. Nonetheless, it can be done. Here’s how :

1. Be more proactive than ever: If you are on the go, take a preventative potty break whenever the opportunity arises since you don’t know when the next one will be.

potty training2. Gear Up: To ensure that your child has no excuses carry your potty seat (or even potty with you). The cheap plastic ones are light and hardly take up any space. You can even leave them behind at the end of your trip. If you use a child potty, you can find potty liners that make clean up a snap on the go.

3. Use rewards as often as possible: Human beings respond to reinforcement and children need a little extra motivation when they are distracted by new environments and lots of entertainment. Promising them a little something to remember to use the bathroom can go a long way when travelling with kids.

4. Pick up local wisdom: When in Rome, pee like the Romans! Heed advice from local parents on how to successfully toilet train. Every country has little nuances that help.

5. Trust yourself: At the same time don’t get too many people involved. If you are visiting grandparents, it’s great if they offer encouragement but getting the whole family neurotic about potty training will only make the child nervous and cause anxiety issues.

6.Pick your battles: If you are going to be on a flight where it’s likely that your child will encounter a long line or the drinks cart when he has to go, consider using a pull up instead of an underwear. Even the best airlines for travel with kids have lines for the bathroom!

7. Be flexible: If you have a milestone date by which you thought your child would be potty-trained, set it out by the exact amount of time you are traveling. If it really bothers you, plan your trips before or after toilet training.

8. Be forgiving: To yourself and your child. On a regular day at home, your child may have an accident, so naturally they are more likely when familiarity and comfort are taken away. Recognize the challenge posted by your circumstances and cut yourself  and your child some slack!

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