How to Make Your First Family Holiday a Success

Becoming a parent for the first time is an incredible experience and one which is truly life-changing. One aspect which changes completely is the way you holiday. You may be used to exciting city breaks with your other half, taking in the culture and historical sites. Perhaps you used to spend your holiday challenging yourself with brand new active pursuits, including surfing, scuba diving, and mountain climbing.

While there’s no escaping your holiday activities will change entirely when you take your new baby along with you for the first time, this is an exciting switch – as long as you prepare and are open to new suggestions. With that in mind, below our guide will walk you through the essential elements of your family holiday and how to plan them in the right way for your first family holiday to be a success.

Where to Stay

hotelArguably, where to stay is the most crucial element to nail down for your family holiday. Whether your child is under 1-years old or over 5-years old, you need family-friendly accommodation to return to after a day partaking in fun activities or exploring the local area. While there are a variety of family-only hotels and resorts on offer, the best option for a young family is to opt for a luxury villa. Why? Quite simply, it’s a home away from home, and young children need to feel safe and stay somewhere with a touch of familiarity. A villa also allows you to cook meals, cutting down on the number of times you need to eat out and are less likely to be surrounded by partying holiday makers who will keep you and your children awake all night. What’s more, you can find toddler and baby friendly villas in the Algarve, Menorca and Mallorca, so you are sure to find the perfect one wherever you choose to lay your head of an evening.  

Location, Location, Location

St_Peters_Square_Vatican_City_-_April_2007The location of your first family holiday can make or break it. For example, if you opt to stay in a resort where there are many young children, who are older than your own, it can create a loud, rowdy environment. This environment can cause a number of issues for your family. For one, it can make the activity areas, such as the pool, overcrowded and loud, which may not be a great environment for toddlers. Secondly, it can be an overwhelming experience for very young babies.

Additionally, the exact location of any hotel you choose can affect your family holiday. A city centre location will be noisy and crowded; whereas a beachfront hotel will be more relaxed and peaceful. While you may have once loved trekking through bustling cities, it’s a lot harder to do with a buggy in tow and a tired toddler crying for a nap.

Therefore, it pays to carefully research ideal locations for young children. It may not be the most exciting location for you and your partner, but if it’s one your little one will love, it’s worth it! 


activeWhile an ideal holiday for you might be relaxing on the beach with the latest novel, your little one is going to grow bored very quickly! Before you book anywhere, research the activities on offer. Will there be a pool where you can swim together? Does the resort have a children’s club, where they can make new friends? There may be location specific activities which you can try together; such as a winter break trying skiing, or a beach getaway exploring rock pools. Whatever you choose, just make sure enough is going on to interest both parents and children, and activities you can enjoy together. Try to pack some activities for a rainy day, too, just in case. This can include books and games.