How to Prioritize and Organize the Unpacking in Your New Home

If you’re gearing up for a big move, or you’re in the process of moving into your new home, then there’s no doubt you’re completely consumed with just getting the move over and done with. Moving can be a very exciting event, but the actual moving aspect of it is never a fun time. Once you’ve moved that final box into your home, you usually have that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, but as you start to look around at all the boxes and disarray, those feelings can disappear rather quickly. These simple tips are meant to help you prioritize and organize the unpacking process as you settle into your new life and become more comfortable in your surroundings.

Focus on the Essential Rooms First

It’s always a good idea to start on those essential rooms first, getting their contents unpacked and organized. Basically you want to start with the items that are required to keep your house running. This includes things such as the bathroom, your bedroom, the kitchen, and your office if you happen to work from home. If anything has become lost or damaged during the move, then you want to discover this sooner rather than later.

Take for example your office contents, such as all your important files and documents, your office furniture, and of course your computer. If something has happened with your computer for example, and it has resulted in the loss of data or security concerns, then you can contact a service such as Secure Data to look after the data recovery for you.

Arrange and Put Together Furniture

Another priority will be the furniture because, let’s face it, you need somewhere to sit down and to sleep. You’ll want to start arranging the furniture right away and assembling any new pieces that you’ve bought. Remember you can always make minor adjustments in the layout as you go, but at least get things in a position where they can be used.

Don’t Unpack Items that Don’t Have a Spot

The next tip is to be selective in what you unpack. Don’t unpack items and boxes unless you know you’ve got a permanent place for the contents. Unpacking boxes full of things that have no “home” or no set spot will just create clutter and disorganization. This is why it’s important to have all your boxes labelled so you know which ones should be opened first.

Move Through the House One Room at a Time

Once you have all the essentials unpacked you can then start to move through the house in a methodical manner. What this means is unpacking one room at a time, making sure it’s fully unpacked and organized before you move on to the next room.

Take Breaks and Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

When you finally have your new home after a big move, it’s only natural to want to rush through the unpacking so that you can start to enjoy the space, but in reality, you’ll find you can stay much better organized by taking your time, and using these unpacking tips.


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