Is Your Hotel Room Clean? Here’s How to Find Out

Have you ever been in a situation where something looks great online but the minute you arrive, it feels a little grimy? Sometimes it’s just an instinct, at other times, it’s more overt, like dirty bed linens. No matter what your budget, hotels should provide a clean and habitable environment for their guests. Follow our tips on how to check/ensure that your room meets your basic hygiene standards.

1. Do your research

Read reviews before you book a hotel – people make an effort to report the good, the bad, and the ugly. Even if you find a few negative reviews, don’t be discouraged, unless they are more than the positive ones. Also see if the hotel has responded to negative comments and if they’ve made any improvements as a result. 

2. Inspect the lobby

The moment you set your foot in any hotel, do a quick scan of the lobby. Check the floors and carpets, look at furniture and reception desk. If you find them clean and well-maintained it’s a good sign.  But if there is some visible dirt, then don’t bother asking for a room. If they haven’t put enough effort in having a well-cleaned lobby, then the rooms are probably not that clean either.

3. Conduct a thorough Bathroom check

Let’s say that you’ve done your research and the lobby looks really clean, but your work is not done yet. The first thing to do, when entering a hotel room, is to inspect the bathroom. If there are hairs on the surfaces, soap scum, mold growing and other alarming signals, then the bathroom hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned recently. You can try ask for another room, but chances are it won’t be much better. 

4. Alarming toilet?

Lift the cistern lid of the toilet and quickly inspect it. This part of any bathroom does not need to be often cleaned, but if there are visible signs of mold and dirt, then it probably wasn’t deep cleaned recently either.

5. Beds have their secrets

If the bed in the room is close to the wall, then check the space in between. Usually it is prone to accumulating dust and dirt, but if it’s cleaned, then the rest of the room is probably taken good care of as well.

The best trick in your sleeve, to determine whether the bed is good for you is to check the sheets. Move the pillows and the bed cover and look closely at the sheets. If they do not have traces of being folded, then someone probably have slept in them already. This is not your home and this someone in your bed definitely wasn’t a family member. Quite alarming, even disgusting, some people would say.

Another tip is to replace the pillows on the back with the spare ones from the closet. The latter have a bigger chance of being washed recently.

6. Being shy is not an advantage

If the first impression of your room doesn’t satisfy your expectations, then call at the front desk and tell them what you want done. Changing sheets,  cleaning bathroom, vacuuming carpets and wiping mirrors are part of the services you’ve already paid for, so don’t be shy about asking for what you need.

7. Remote control, handles and light switches

Next to handles and light switches, the remote control is one of the dirtiest things in a hotel room. Wipe down the remote, handles and switches with antibacterial wipes before using them.

8. Move things around.

This trick is used to find out whether dust has been swiped properly or with eyes wide shut. Move the TV a little, vases, candles, telephone and other objects to look for dust traces. If there are some, then you should keep in mind to take extra precautions.

9. Always be prepared

Wherever you go, you should never forget your wet wipes or any disinfecting product. These are really helpful, as you cannot always trust others for tenancy cleaning services, especially if you weren’t there when it happened.

10. What to avoid

There are a few things in hotel rooms that are definite no-nos. Glasses, mugs, ice bucket and coffee maker are better not to be used. Usually glasses are wiped with the same cloth as other surfaces and the last thing you want is the taste of the mirror on your glass. If there are any plastic ones – use them, otherwise, give everything a wash yourself before using.

A note on safety:

If you inspected the room and it meets your expectations, you still need to do some checks for safety:

  • Peephole – look through it and if you cannot clearly see, then it has probably been altered. This means that a camera might be in there, and the people from the other side of the door can see what is happening in your room. Creepy, right?
  • Locks – you might think that they work, but it doesn’t hurt to check them. If they do, then you are fine and safe to stay in the room, otherwise, you might want to rethink your sojourn.
  • Wifi – it cannot be checked, unless you have the needed knowledge, but you can simply avoid doing bank transactions with it. Open Wifi is accessible to anyone, including people with bad thoughts on their minds.
  • Phone – check if the line allows an outside calls, just in case if you need to make any.
  • Fire alarms and smoke detectors – anything can happen, so make sure your room is equipped with these life-saving objects.

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