How To Keep In Touch With Family at Home When You’re Traveling

Though you will have your kids with you as you travel, there will still be a lot of the family that are staying at home. When you’re away for a long time, it’s easy to feel homesick, and to feel like you might be missing out on certain events. Yet, it isn’t just you who will be feeling this way. In fact, your family will want to keep in touch and know what amazing experiences you and your children are going through on your trip of a lifetime. Unfortunately, being away in such places often means having a hard time staying in touch, mainly due to inflated international charges and weak internet connection. Luckily, there are some small but wonderful ways that will help keep your family in the know.

Send postcards

This is arguably the oldest trick in the book for keeping in touch, but there is a reason it’s still so popular. You will very often see small shops lining the streets with an abundance of postcards on display. Sending one of these gives your family a glimpse into the places you’ve been, and they can see the personal curve of your handwriting on the card. Not only this, but just as with letters, it gives them something physical to hold onto as they wait for your next visit, making it hold more value than a text message. It is also a relatively cheap way of keeping in contact, and pretty much foolproof if you are going somewhere that is devoid of any sort of internet connection.

Call home

Avoiding international calling rates can be difficult, but there are fortunately a whole host of technological innovations you can now use to make contacting family a whole lot easier. In fact, you can even sidestep international data charges by swapping your SIM for a local one, which will let you use local data charges to talk to your family over social media and video chat. Even this way, however, you will sometimes still be incurring high call costs. In this case, it’s wise to download Viber, and pay a reasonable subscription for consistently cheap calls to India. This is ideal for those staying abroad for a long period of time, and you can click here to find out more about how Viber can benefit you.

Keep a journal

Journals are something you won’t be able to give your family until you get home, but it is a highly sentimental way of letting them feel like they’ve lived your experience along with you. Though keeping a blog is sometimes easier to do, you will find in some places that you are not blessed with Wi-Fi, and that many of the older generations in your family may not have gotten to
grips with technology yet. Journals are versatile, and you can put your own personal stamp on them by including pictures, notes from your children, and memories you think your family will appreciate. If you are living abroad, or if you just can’t wait to send it, you can mail this to them every once in a while alongside the usual forms of communication. They will get a much better
insight into your life this way than over the phone.

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