Why Mauritius is the ideal destination for a family holiday

Every year, Mauritius, the pearl of the Indian Ocean attracts a multitude of visitors who wish to admire its beauty for themselves. As well as the magical white sandy beaches with crystal water and the delightful weather, the culture plays an important part in Mauritius’ charm. A former Dutch ,British and French colony, it retains aspects of all of these which combined with the creole culture, create an impressive multiculturality. A popular destination for newlyweds, Mauritius is also fantastic for families with children all ages due to the variety of activities one can choose from, all providing different degrees of thrills depends on one’s wishes.

Water activities

An activity which is highly recommended for families with children is swimming with the dolphins. This can be organised with JPH Charters as well as various other Mauritian agencies and is sure to please children as well as adults who seem to be captivated by this fascinating animal as well. It is recommended to go in the early morning as dolphins prefer calm waters and tranquility which is often better to enjoy this intimate moment. For those who are worried about the safety of their children, do not worry, guides accompany families from A to Z to ensure everything is as smooth as it can be. On this trip, it is possible to see 2 kinds of dolphins, long beaked ones which tend to travel in large groups and bottlenose ones which are the most popular because of their most friendly nature. Either way, the experience is incomparable and will leave a lasting impression on you and your family!

Another popular activity among families is going on a glass-bottomed boat ride. These are ideal for those who would like to discover the marine life in Mauritius without necessarily going snorkeling, as that can sometimes be a little scary for young children. The Mauritian marine life includes various fish species such as lionfish, parrotfish, sea sponges and clownfish which are all scattered around the coral reef. The brave ones will have the opportunity to go snorkeling as well while on the trip so don’t forget your goggles!

Mauritius is blessed to have enchanting beaches all more beautiful than the other where children can play freely, make sand castles and swim in warm translucent water. Most beaches in Mauritius offer water sport activities such as water skiing which children tend to love, surfing, parachuting over the sea, paddling and jet skiing to delight the whole family! The calm waters of Mauritius and the professional instructors provide the ideal set up for a first time scuba diving to discover more of what the island has to offer underwater.

Inland activities

Although the scenery is wonderful when one is on a beach feet in the warm sand, it would be a shame not to take advantage of what the inland of the island has to offer as well. Casela Nature and leisure park is a must to discover some impressive fauna and flora as well as admire the beauty of cheetahs, lions, tigers and other various animals. To visit this 14 hectare park located on the west of the island, there are different means of transportation to truly admire the beauty of the Mauritian nature which include camel rides, zip-lines, quad or segway rides. More adventurous ones can choose to hike which is probably the best way to connect with nature.

Giant turtles are also part of the landscape in Mauritius. They are visible in various parks but La Vanille Nature Park, in the south-east of the island is where there are the most on the island. The park, which was created in 1985 breeds and raises various species of animals such as brown pigs, crocodiles and buffalo toads but the real stars of the park are the giant Aldabra turtles. Some of them are over 100 years old and weigh over 250 kilograms! If you go at the right time, your children will be able to feed them during their meal time, which is a truly sensational experience.

Where to stay?

There’s nothing like renting a dream villa to enjoy your family vacation. To fully enjoy the beautiful beaches of Mauritius, you can rent a villa by the sea or in the inlands. Villas offer a ton of private space for larger groups and since most of them come with a full staff, you can truly enjoy a relaxing time.


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