The Newest Trend in Family Travel: Adventure Holidays

When families embark on a vacation, they mainly stick to what they know. This often entails getting a list of attractions and planning an itinerary, with some restaurants included for meals in between. While the usual “sightseeing + good food” formula is tried and tested and almost always equates to a great vacation, trying out new activities as additions makes every trip unique.
In this article, we explore the appeal of integrating an active lifestyle into your vacation in the form of adventure holidays. Trying out new sports and other outdoor pursuits is a nice, adventurous way to bond with the family while also promoting a healthy lifestyle, too, which is a valuable lesson especially for the kids.

Cycling Holidays

adventure holidays

Bike trips are increasing in popularity as people are now looking for more active experiences during vacations without doing something as ‘hardcore’ as mountain climbing or skiing. A bike trip for the whole family is a great choice as it allows you to explore the beauty of your surroundings while enjoying an active pursuit at the same time.

Many locations, such as Innsbruck in Austria for instance, are constructing family-friendly bike parks, giving tourists of all ages the chance to enjoy an active holiday. Known as the ‘capital of the Alps’,  Innsbruck treats visitors to great weather and the cool mountain breeze. Plus, you have stunning views of the Alps as you and your kids pedal around the park. What’s not to love?

Sports Holidays

adventure holidaysVarious sports can be wonderful additions to your vacation, more so if you can team up with your child in activities like tennis for some fun doubles matches. It’s an amazing way to bond with your child, all the while instilling values such as teamwork and determination through light and fun games. Then there are the health benefits of sports such as tennis.

And just like the previous section, there are also places that combine the excitement of sports such as tennis with awesome backdrops like in San Francisco. There are lots of things to do with kids in the city as we’ve highlighted in a previous on MomAboard, but for an active holiday, Play Your Court suggests a visit to George Sterling Memorial Park which features tennis courts that provide panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The park is at high altitude compared to the rest of the city so aside from the 360-degree views, you can enjoy the fresh air and cold breeze while you play.

Field Holidays

adventure holidaysIf high altitude trips are not for you, then an adventure through the wilderness might just be what you’re looking for. An article from Yoga Journal featured the Ranch at Rock Creek in Philipsburg, Montana that gives travelers 6,000 acres of the great outdoors to roam around.

You can go riding on horseback, fly fish or even try out archery! Lastly, as the perfect cure for exhaustion from all your outdoor pursuits, you can top it off with ‘ranch yoga’ that has family classes giving you the opportunity to unwind and commune with mother nature as you make the most out of your active holiday.

There you have it.. a new trend in family vacations for those of you seeking a bit more adventurous. For the rest of us, you can always hit a beach hotel.

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