Planning A Mom’s Getaway: The Ultimate Checklist

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world, but unlike other jobs, it is not one which usually allows you to have a break. Every mom needs to seriously consider treating themselves to a getaway once in a while so that they can relax and focus on themselves for a short while. Doing so will allow you to return home feeling refreshed and refocused so that you can continue to be the best parent possible. It is incredibly exciting planning your own getaway, but it is not as simple as packing your bags and heading out the door! With that in mind, read on for our ultimate mom’s getaway planning checklist.

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  • Time


First, you need to find a suitable time for your much-deserved getaway. This should not be a period where the kids and family will be relying on you more than usual, such as holidays like Easter and Christmas, so some time, while the kids are still in school, is best (and more affordable!). Even if it just for a weekend, it is sure to be highly valuable.


  • The Kids


GETAWAYYou will, of course, need someone to care for the kids while you are away, no matter how old or independent they are. If the dad or your partner is unable to, then you could always ask other family members or friends to step into your role for the time you’re away, take them to school, cook their meals and be there for them at every moment.


  • Destination


Once you have chosen a time and arranged care for the kids, you can then start planning your getaway. First, you should think about the destination. This will depend on your own preferences, but many people find it helpful to choose somewhere that is not too far from home in case you need to return quickly. You should also pick somewhere that will allow you to relax and enjoy yourself.


  • Accommodation


Following on from this, you will then want to find suitable accommodation, and this should be somewhere where you can completely unwind and enjoy time to yourself. It could involve finding a short-term luxury rental with places like being an excellent website to find places to stay.


  • Activities


getawayWhat you get up to on your mom’s getaway will depend on where you are and what you like to do with your free time. For many moms, this is likely to include indulging in spa treatments, eating good food and relaxing with a book by the pool. Calming activities like this can be rejuvenating and well-deserved as being a mom can be a demanding and tiring role.


  • Keeping In Touch


By nature, you will want to check in with your family and kids while you are away and you should do this to avoid feeling homesick. Equally, do not spend too much time keeping in touch as this is your vacation and a chance to focus your attention on yourself.

A mom’s getaway can do a world of good, and it gives you the opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries. These trips can be challenging to plan and organize, but the above steps should help you to schedule a worthwhile trip and one which won’t interfere with family life too much.

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