SPOTLIGHT: goBaby’s Natalie Kaminski

If you’re one of those parents who dreads traveling because of all the gear that has to go with you, goBaby is the solution to your problems.

1. Tell us about GoBaby. How does it work?

goBaby is the online rental marketplace that allows renting baby gear from local parents at any destination. goBaby helps families Travel Easy and Stress Free – by ordering the gear from local families and having it delivered to them (or picking it up on their own terms) users enjoy the travel experience without the added stress of packing, hauling, transporting or making way through a vacation without necessary gear. This makes travel safe and enjoyable for all.

  2. How did you come up with the idea? What was the need you were trying to fulfil?
After a trip to Chicago, where I was able to borrow a car from a friend, but couldn’t find an easy way to rent a car seat, I decided I’d had enough and was determined to prevent mothers and fathers around the world from ripping their hair out.

As an entrepreneur myself, the sharing economy was a natural place to turn to for a solution. We’ve trusted sites like Airbnb and Uber to make traveling easier and more affordable than ever. What if we could replicate that with an on-demand community that allows us to rent the gear we need for our children when we need it — eliminating the need to bring it with us or incur extra travel expenses by buying it at our destination. Thus, the idea for goBaby was born.
3. How do you do quality control on your products?
  • ID Verification – Owners verify their identity in accordance with Know Your Customer regulations with the help of Stripe platform used for payment processing. 
  • Quality Control – Gear owners are required to verify their items against the National Recall Database and attest to that their listings are free of defect or damage.
  • Community Reviews – Reviews are collected from the owner and the renter following every transaction in order to self regulate our community. Reviews are left for both parties so you can hear first hand about other people’s experiences with the goBaby community.
4. How many destinations do you serve?
goBaby is currently available in 35 states across the US with majority of inventory located in NY and CA.
5. What are the most popular items people rent?
Pack-n-Plays, Cribs, and Strollers have been the most popular items on the site so far.
6. What’s the weirdest request you’ve ever gotten?
One family was looking to rent two identical booster seats for their toddler twins and they were very adamant about finding a pair that would be identical in every way. I suppose they wanted to avoid a potential conflict between siblings 🙂
7. What’s your favourite family travel destination?
This past July, my family spent a week in the Scottish Highlands, and it was absolutely amazing! The nature, the history, the food, everything about this trip was stunning. We will definitely be back for more!
8. What’s your one tip for traveling parents?
Involve your children in planning and packing. Teach them about the destination ahead of time and get them excited about the upcoming trip. This will make your children more cooperative during the trip as they have something to look forward to!
Check out goBaby for your next trip!

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