Ten Reasons Traveling with a Baby is Easier Than Traveling with a Toddler

Like all new parents I hummed and hawed and worried myself to death about flying with my baby but it’s only after I began traveling with a toddler that I found myself wishing he was a wailing infant again. ┬áSo this list, my ten reasons you should travel with your baby is a personal plea, to get your traveling on while your children are young. Here’s why:

traveling with a toddler10. Babies under the age of two are free, or very cheap!

9. Babies won’t be running up and down the aisles of airplanes or kicking seats in front of them annoying other passengers

8. While babies may barf or drool, they won’t be spilling stale pasta sauce from the kids’ meal on your clothes when you have another ten hours to go on your journey.

7. The average baby sleeps about 15 hours a day. The odds that your little one will snooze right through your journey are pretty good.

6. Babies don’t know how to say “Are we there yet?”

5. Babies generally don’t have an opinion on where to go on a vacation

4. All you need to entertain a baby is a set of keys and a funny face. With a toddler you need an entire entertainment kit consisting of an iPad, activity books and something forbidden like your wallet.

3. If your baby is breastfed you eliminate the risk of contamination from foods or water

2. Babies are easily put to sleep with a little bouncing, singing and just with time

1. “Under 21” does not apply to babies in bars, while toddlers are typically unwelcome!

traveling with a toddler

traveling with a toddler

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