The Gift of Travel: 5 Amazing Family Friendly Destinations

The gift of travel can enrich you and your family in ways that no books, television shows, or even apps can ever achieve. Social Lifestyle Magazine notes that travelling broadens your mind–seeing new places, meeting new people and learning about new cultures can open you up to new things you wouldn’t have learned if you stayed at home.

Your family will also learn to be more compassionate about other people, not to mention develop empathy and care for the environment and social issues. It can be daunting to travel with the family, as it can be difficult to merge everyone’s interests into one great family vacation, but it’s definitely worth it. Momaboard has got you covered with some advice on how to have a successful family road trip, including bringing plenty of snacks and drinks, taking note of traffic and bringing along some entertainment. Once you get all that sorted out, travelling with the family should be a breeze. Here are some of the best places around the world you and your family should see:

The Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, Japan

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Japan is one of those highly modernised countries that showcases a beautiful fusion of old and new. With its tall skyscrapers and high-tech museums, you will think that you have been transported into the future. The beauty of Tokyo is that near the ultra-modern skyscrapers are old villages with traditional Japanese homes which will open your family’s eyes to the past and the future. When it comes to family activities, everyone will love The Ghibli Museum, which showcases the work of the Japanese animation giant, Studio Ghibli.

Hobbiton in North Island, New Zealand

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If your family are fans of the Lord of the Rings, they will definitely love a trip to The North Island in New Zealand, where they will be able to see hobbit holes at Hobbiton. They can watch experts explain how the props and prosthetics were made at Wellington’s Weta Workshop. For something a bit more fun and interesting, you can go see the glowworm caves of Waitomo.

Bird Sanctuary on Man-O-War Caye in Belize

If you’re in the mood for some exploring, Belize is one of the best places in the world to be. You and your family can learn about colourful marine life and beautiful rainforests. But, one of the must-tries locals suggest is to go see the birds at the Man O’ War Caye. It’s home to hundreds of Frigatebirds, known as Man of War birds or Pirate birds. If you’re lucky, you might just see the male Frigatebird’s courting ritual, where they try to attract a female by inflating their red-coloured throat pouches.

Bran Castle in Bran, Romania

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For the folklore and horror story-loving family, The New York Times recommends visiting Romania. You can check out Bran Castle, which, according to the locals, is the only castle in Transylvania that fits Bram Stoker’s description of Dracula’s castle. A spooky destination your family will definitely love exploring.

Disneyland in Paris, France

Sometimes it’s refreshing to get a break that doesn’t include anything other than pure fun. From working families to the rich and famous, a trip to a theme park is the perfect way to get over a stressful year. Follow in the footsteps of tennis superstar Serena Williams who took her family to Disneyland after a disappointing French Open this year. Despite not having the best of years, Serena continues to be the most successful female tennis player in history. Apart from conquering the world of sports, Williams has also encouraged fellow mums to embrace the difficulties of motherhood, while her family travel ideas, most notably to Disneyland, have inspired mums by being fun, fresh and insightful.

There’s really no limit to where you can take your family as the world is brimming with fun-filled destinations that are not only exciting but are also culturally significant. While it can be hard to find a destination that would make everyone in the family happy, the entire process of planning, flying, and exploring offers more benefits than you could ever imagine.

This article is written by Herminia J. Bremer, a travel blogger and photographer who feels most at home on one Greece’s many islands. When she’s not travelling she loves to spend time researching her next destination.