Top Kid-Friendly Offerings We’ve Seen Around the World

When it comes to being kid friendly, some places just go a little above and beyond. Here are some of the coolest things we’ve seen around the world, that make our kids feel extra special!

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1. Seriously creative kids’ menus in Crete, Greece.

kid friendly

2. Kid sized snorkels and life jackets in every room in the Maldives.

kid friendly


3. Pampering at the spa for little ones in Essouira, Morocco.

kid friendly

4. Special ski lessons and activities for kids in St. Anton, Austria.


5. Never a dull moment in Tallinn airport, Estonia.

kid friendly


6. Seriously gourmet kids’ meals in Moscow, Russia.


7. All manner of bikes for rental in Puglia, Italy

kid friendly


8. Free child-minders and activities in restaurants in Ibiza, Spain.


9. Smores by the beach at sunset in Kauai, USA

kid friendly


10. Personalized pillows in Los Cabos, Mexico




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