Top Tips for Taking Family Vacations With a Teen

Family vacations often seem much more enjoyable when the kids are young and willing to go with their parents’ every plan. When they get to be a little older though, the idea of spending a whole week with the family might seem like too much for them. Although travel with teens can be difficult, it is important to remember that they really are maturing. Letting them in on some of the planning processes and decisions can make the vacation much more enjoyable for everyone. With that in mind, read on below for a few tips to help take family vacations with your teen in tow.

To Drive or Not to Drive?

One of the things to consider is whether you will let your teenager drive on the trip. If you get a rental car, they likely will not allow people younger than eighteen to drive, so make sure that your teen understands this. For road trips in the family car, get auto insurance quotes for the young driver if they do not already have driver’s insurance.

Once you have insurance figured out, let them help decide on places to stop or routes to take. Although they won’t be able to make all of the decisions, letting your teenager have some responsibility will make the trip more interesting to them. If they find a landmark or a good roadside restaurant where they want to stop, take it as an opportunity to spend time with your teenager and let them get out and have fun.

Try to Limit the Electronics

When traveling with teens, also try to get them engaged in activities that don’t involve electronics. Again, have your kid come up with some ideas that they find interesting that the whole family can do. While the entire vacation can’t just be based around them, if they are doing something that they are actually excited about, they will be much more likely to get off the phone and spend time with the whole family. Going out to get breakfast, finding a cool coffee shop, or even just going on a walk are some examples of fun and fairly cheap activities that young kids, teenagers, and even adults can enjoy.

Give them Some Independence

If you plan on vacationing in an area where kids could go out on their own, it’s a good idea to let them have some independence and go shopping or looking for souvenirs. Let them bring their own money so they can decide what to spend it on without you deeming things “unnecessary” or a “waste of money”. Of course, use good judgment depending on the location. If you are staying in a big city or an area that appears unsafe, don’t let your teens roam free.

Traveling with a teen can be, without a doubt, difficult. That being said, the more you can work with your kid, allow them to feel important in the planning process, and give them some family activities that everyone can enjoy, the more your teen will open up and have fun on the vacation. Finding the balance between giving your young adult some responsibility yet still parenting them is important. Family vacations should be something you and your family can look back at in the future and remember fondly. By taking a few extra steps to accommodate your teenager, you will ensure a fun, carefree, and memorable family trip.

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