Traveling to the Little League World Series in 2018? It’s Our Top Tips

Every year, moms and dads cheer their children on throughout the season as they play against other baseball teams in their region. Little League games are the highlight of many families, culminating in the Little League World Series Tournaments in which champions are chosen in each of the age groups. This year, the Little League World Series will be held from July 28 through August 26 in various locations based on the age division. If you are planning to take your child, here are some travel tips to help you plan your trip.

If You Plan to Buy New Gear for the Event..

One thing most enthusiastic baseball moms and dads know is that you should never buy new gear like bats and gloves just prior to a championship event. Always buy such things as new composite bats like those listed on Theplanetofbaseball.Com, or gloves, well before the series. In fact, you will want your child to break in any new equipment long before wearing or using it on the field.

It only makes sense to let your son or daughter become used to the feel of a new bat, for instance, before letting them approach the plate. This might mean buying new equipment early in the season, but it will be there if your son or daughter should be on the winning team in your region.

Pack Plenty of Comfortable Clothing

You never know how far your child’s team is going to make it in each round, so plan to be there for the entire tournament. Whether your child’s team is knocked out in the first round or makes it to the tournament championship, you’ll want to have plenty of comfortable clothing when sitting on the bleachers in the hot sun. Don’t forget to wear team colors and bring sunscreen and plenty of sports drinks.

Staying on to See Some Local Sights

Some baseball families choose this time of year for their summer vacation and they plan an extended stay in the city where the tournament will be hosted. Although your son or daughter may be heading to the World Series in their division, there may be time before or after the tournament to get in a bit of sightseeing with mom, dad, and siblings. Some teams make it mandatory for players to travel with the team, but other coaches allow players to travel with their parents. Usually, coaches of younger players are a bit more open to family travel.

Just remember that you are an example to your children, so practice the same good sportsmanship you are teaching them. Some parents get so involved in the game that they are a bit feisty up there in the bleachers to the point where they get a bit vocal about what they feel were bad calls. Win or lose, your child is developing skills out there on the field and the one thing you don’t want to raise is a poor loser. Keep this in mind because what you do and say affects your child and the team spirit.

Good luck to your young player and enjoy the 2018 Little League World Series.

About the Author: Adrian is a lifelong thrill seeker and adrenaline junkie. A freelance sports writer, Adrian is passionate about health and fitness and pushing his body to limits. Whether he’s rambling in the beautiful Cotswolds or bungy jumping in New Zealand, Adrian is a fervent believer in making the most of the great outdoors.

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