Visiting Shimla, India: 4 Reasons to Book a Package

Shimla, a hill station in India is best visited during the summers to experience the cool weather while many of the other places in India are experiencing heat and humidity. If you are looking for snowfall, you should visit the place somewhere in between autumn and winter. 

Shimla is not a big city like Mumbai or Delhi but as its popularity has risen over the years there are many types of hotels in Shimla that have emerged.

shimlaWhen considering travel to Shimla, it might be a good idea to look into packages, rather than booking a la carte, for a number of reasons:

  1. There is less planning involved

The best part of a package is that it significantly reduces the amount of work involved in the planning process. Service providers make your bookings, including your hotel, transportation,  and daily activities.

What you need to do is make a booking confirmation with the travel guide, pay them an advance token, and then leave the hard work to them. 

2. It’s more cost effective

Packages often deliver accommodations, transportation and activities at a reduced price. In places like Shimla it’s because the package makers have relationships with the local service providers so they get better deals. Since they buy in bulk they often secure better rates on everything. 

3. You Can Travel During Peak Season

If you are planning a trip on your own to a place like Shimla, it becomes quite difficult to get the best options during the peak season. Due to the unavailability of proper hotels, off-season is the best bet. But if your dates are not flexible or if you desire to go at a certain time, you will likely be facing a lack of availability or very high prices. A proper package/service provider can be of huge assistance here. While people typically book months in advance, with the help of an agent you may not need to give them as much notice. 

4. You get local knowledge

Another benefit of getting a package is that you can access to local knowledge that you may not be able to find on your own. Internet searches and asking friends for recommendations can only yield so much but the travel guides are intimately familiar with the place and its best events, sights and activities. 

So if you’re considering a trip to beautiful Shimla, consider booking a package with a reputable company and you’ll increase the chances of having a very memorable trip!

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