What to Do About a Financial Emergency While Traveling

Imagine if you will that you are traveling on a road trip and your car breaks down. You will need money to cover repairs and maybe even for a hotel room for a night or two. Now think about traveling to another country. Maybe the local cuisine makes you ill enough to need medical attention. What are your options in these situations that you didn’t plan for? What if you lose your bag that had your wallet and passport in it? How do you get the money you need when you need it?

Anytime you will be traveling, you need to expect the unexpected and be prepared. Accidents happen, and you will need access to cash when they do. Let’s take a quick look at some of the things you might do to get cash and some to prepare ahead of time.


If your bag gets stolen and your credit cards and ID are in it, how can you get a loan to cover your expenses until you get home? You can’t go to a bank with no ID and expect them to give you money. Thankfully, there are alternative loan options that will allow you to finance the extras that may be involved. Also, because you can do this online, you can do it from anywhere in the world. This is much better than having to call home and get money wired – especially since you will need an ID to pick up that money.


Even if you are just going on a road trip, things don’t always go smoothly. When you travel, it will always be a good idea to make color copies or take pictures of things like your driver’s license, passport, ATM card, and credit cards. Print out copies to take with you and email another copy to yourself. This will make it easier to get them replaced.

Travel Insurance

Most travel insurance companies will offer help 24 hours a day to anyone who purchases their insurance. They will be able to assist you with emergency cash transfers or find a local doctor who speaks English or even the nearest consulate. If you miss your flight, they might even help you with rebooking. Some credit cards also offer these services. If you don’t have travel insurance or a credit card and need cash quickly, you can still get one of the online loans.

Secret Stash

Whenever you travel, you should keep either a traveler’s check or a bit of money stashed in a place that is away from the rest of your money. This will be there for you in case your other money is lost or stolen. You might not ever end up needing to use it but having a bit of emergency cash on hand can help you sleep better at night while you are traveling.

You might never experience an emergency while you travel. However, when you do, it will be a good idea to be prepared for it. Just know that if you aren’t, you can always get the cash you need with a quick alternative loan online. Safe travels!

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