You Know You’re From Dubai When…

Written by Karishma Bhansali Mehta, Momaboard Mombassador to Dubai.

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Dubai just gets under your skin and before you realize it becomes home for much longer than you intended. We call it The Dubai Effect.

You know you’re from Dubai when :

1) You drink your afternoon coffee with a date instead of a piece of chocolate.


Yes the dates in this region live up to their reputation of being delicious and great quality and it’s not just the famous well known brands. Plus, dates are a super food with great health benefits!

2) Walla and Habibti become part of your everyday lingo.


Whether you’re Ukranian or Brazillian, Indian or Hawaiian, 6 months in Dubai and these endearing terms will become part of your vocab. You’ll be using them like a local in no time.

3) You either own a burkini or you secretly really want one.


This modest swimsuit and sports wear is practical, cool and comfortable. And it’s a blessing in disguise when you’ve gained some extra pounds or don’t want a tan!

4) You go skiing when it’s hot!

This desert has really beaten the terrible summer heat. When temperatures are over 40 degrees c we have great indoor ski slopes to look forward to and if we’re feeling less adventurous we can go ice skating.


5) You talk in Superlatives.


This is almost an occupational hazard when you live in a city known for breaking some 60 world records! We have the world’s tallest building, longest bar and biggest shopping mall! What’s more, you can even check into the world’s tallest hotel and sleep at a height of 300 metres or enjoy a theatre 43 floors above sea level.

6) Camel milk starts to replace cow’s milk in your refrigerator.


In Dubai everyone swears by camel milk. It’s supposed to have a richer protein content, less fat and negligible allergens. Our supermarkets have all sorts of flavours and camel milk chocolate is a must try delicacy for the tourist.

7) You can literally ‘shop till you drop’.


You know you’ve made the Dubai transition when the Dubai Mall doesn’t seem overwhelming and confusing. All of a sudden you’re there all day, and not just because you can’t find a way out!

8) You don’t cook as much – Dubai spoils you.


At the touch of your smart phone, you can get delivery from practically everywhere at any time of the day. A foodie’s paradise, this city caters to every palette! From organic to gluten free, quality , healthy and fresh food is delivered to your doorstep. Now that is efficient!

9) You have a gastronomically gourmet sweet tooth.


From Fauchon chocolates and Sprungli truffles to famous Magnolia bakery cupcakes and Arabic baklavas, the desserts in Dubai literally make you drool for more. It is truly sinful!

10) You take enjoying the beach and the desert in one weekend for granted.


We Dubai lot forget how lucky we are to be able to access both these luxuries in a span of 24 hours!

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Dubai-karishma famKarishma Bhansali Mehta is a freelance journalist with over 10 years of experience in print media. She has covered every beat from business to politics to life style and human interest. Originally, a Mumbai girl , she has lived in many different cities, London, New ork Antwerp and now Dubai. She has 2 boys and is passionate about travel food and people in general.