Fun Family Adventure: Five Tips for Visiting Zion National Park

While Utah might not usually be top of your vacation hotlist, what if we told you that this destination would offer year-round sunshine, a whole host of outdoor pursuits, and even something for you to enjoy once the little ones are down for the night? Zion National Park offers just that, with the added benefit of being easily accessible from Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Southern California. It’s open 24 hours a day, all year round. Read on to discover just some of our top five tips for you and your family to enjoy in Zion National Park – the memories are there for the making.


1. Great for Adventurers, Big and Small

From river swimming or floating downstream while tubing, hikes that are kid-friendly, or for the more experienced at walking, biking, climbing or even canyoneering, you may have difficulty choosing from the variety of pursuits that are on offer. No matter what your budget is, or age range, Zion National Park offers activities that each and every member of your family can enjoy.

2. Flora, fauna and dinosaurs

Its unique geological formations, combined with the fact that Zion National Park has been used by humans since 6,000 B.C., means that there are acres of history and nature for you to explore and enjoy with your family. This unique landscape has been home to a whole host of civilizations and species, both ancient and modern – sure to wow even the most seasoned of explorers. Also well worth a visit are the park’s numerous museums, offering a great insight into so many years of natural history. You can begin your adventure before heading outdoors – just check out the Zion National Park website.

3. Heading to the Back-country

Looking to make your trip truly special? Why not head into the Back Country, a part of Zion National Park that the usual tourist hordes often miss. Accessible to even the smallest member of your vacation group, it also offers breath-taking views for your family photo album. You can choose from jeep rides, and even helicopter tours for the more adventurous, as you explore some of the hidden treasures that Southern Utah has to offer.

zion national park4. Fill your Bellies

It can be hard to please everyone when you’re on vacation, but even the most fussy eaters will be catered for at Zion National Park. From a full-service dining experience to quick bites in the park’s numerous cafes, bellies big and small are sure to be filled. Not to mention the onsite Markets in case you prefer to prepare your own meals.

5. Something for Parents too

It might be a family vacation, but we can’t forget Mom! There are a range of activities for the grown-ups to enjoy too. Take in the stunning views on the shuttle bus, enjoy browsing the shops in Springdale, grab a movie, or pick up some local artwork and handicrafts – Zion National Park is the ideal destination for a truly special family vacation.


Author bio: Delicia Warren is a freelance writer, passionate about the environment, organic farming and food production. An advocate for a holistic approach to the world’s problems, she has a particular interest in the small changes individuals can make to their lifestyle to minimize their environmental footprint.

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